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I am Karina Corbett of Karina Corbett Photography. I specialize in wedding photography, portraits, promotional photographs, and I am also the creator of "The Frame". My wedding photography and portrait work exemplifies my appreciation and attention to the natural beauty that exists always. Photographing people is my passion, and my photos capture more than just an image, they also express the emotive element composing each moment.
I created "The Frame" as another way to photograph people, and as an extra that I could bring to weddings and other events I was asked to photograph. "The Frame" is a unique photo booth experience which allows people to pose with their friends and family inside the booth with or without provided costumes and I deliver the photographs via my Smug Mug web albums.
If you would like to hire me to photograph your event, shoot your promo shots, do any portrait work, or rent "The Frame" for your event, contact me via email. You can also visit my website at karinacorbettphotography.com for more details.

email: karinacorbett@live.com

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